Paul Frank Octopus Ornament - Cup Cake version 
Paul Frank Octopus Ornament - Cup Cake version Discounted Price: HK$ 118
The “Paul Frank Octopus Ornament” will surely spice up users’ outfits as Julius the groovy character is transformed into two adorable Octopus ornaments – the energetic “Hip Hop version” and the carefree “Cupcake version”. Enwrapped by colourful leather like material and shaped in 3D fluid-feel pop-up style, this Octopus ornament is both trendy and sleek while integrating smart living technology with creativity.
Unit price: HK$198
Deposit: HK$0
Initial stored value: HK$0
Available type: Adult
Product weight: 50g
Octopus Ornament (without key chain) dimensions (cm): 9.4(H) x 6.5(W) x 1.3(D)
Packaging dimensions (cm): approx. 17.8(L) x 11.8(W) x 2.0(D)
- This Octopus functions as a normal Adult Octopus and is non-returnable. Please add value before using.
- The unit price above excludes postage fee (click here for details). Exact charges will be displayed on website before completing the ordering and payment process.