Kakao Friends 3D Octopus Ornament - Rabbit Apeach
Kakao Friends 3D Octopus Ornament - Rabbit Apeach

HK$ 188.0

HK$ 68.0


Octopus is collaborating with Kakao Friends, to launch Kakao Friends 3D Octopus Ornaments. Each of the two adult versions features an animal cosplay outfit. Ryan is wearing a cute panda outfit, and holding bamboo; while Apeach is wearing a rabbit outfit and holds a carrot. The animal cosplay outfits are detachable, so Ryan and Apeah can transform to their signature designs or animal designs anytime you like – making these Ornaments must-have collectibles for fans of Kakao Friends!


Kakao Friends 3D Octopus Ornament can save the last 40 transaction records, which can be checked by using the Octopus App.


Deposit: HK$0

Initial stored value: HK$0

Available type: Adult

Ornament dimension (cm): approx. 6.4 (H) x 3.9 (W) x 3.4 (D)

Ornament with detachable outfit (cm): approx. 7.0 (H) x 4.2 (W) x 3.5 (D)

Detachable Chain Total Length (cm): approx. 16 (L)


- This Octopus functions as a normal Adult Octopus and is non-returnable. Please add value before using.
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